Meet Solarin, the Rolls-Royce of smartphones with military grade specs

og-image-twitterLuxury smartphones are nothing new. With Vertu being launched by Finnish telecommunication giant in 1998, the market of luxury phones was established. Half a decade ago, the Vertu constellation smartphone device was launched with a price tag of $5000. If you think think that spending five grand dollars on a single smartphone is too much then you won’t even believe the price of the “Signature Cobra” device that was launched by Nokia in 2006. With a price tag of $310,000 the “Signature Cobra” holds the 7th place on the world’s most expensive phones list.

Fast forward to 2016, luxury smartphones are still here and though they don’t make quite so much of a stir as few can actually afford them. With the advances in technology being able to provide customers an even powerful, feature loaded, gem studded and gold plated smartphone, the most desired feature perhaps, is security.

Privacy is the primary concern of the super rich when it comes to their personal devices. With the press and media chasing them around the clock, hackers and rivals trying to extract vital details and information about their personal life and career, the demand for a highly secure and reliable device has been their prime requirement.

When Kazakh investor Kenges Rakishev’s phone was hacked in 2013, he set out to find the most secure and private cellphone and co-founded Sirin Labs, the British-Israeli firm that is developing the “Solarin” smartphone. The firm stated that they are “out to create the most advanced and powerful device that will have the highest privacy settings” thanks to military-grade security elements.sirin_labs_solarin_678_678x452

Sirin Labs confirmed that it raised $72 million in private funds to put the phone into production and onto the market. The smartphone is aimed towards business executives and fortune 500 companies who need absolute discretion and are always under cyber attacks but cannot use military specification phones due to lack of apps that the general masses and consumers use.

One of Sirin Lab’s sponsor, businessman Moshe Hogeg said that “ There were no reliable solutions that combined high-end technology with maximum security.”

As quoted by the firm “we have managed to combine a military phone and a phone for everyday use.”0

The Solarin smartphone will be Android-based, operate faster than any other smartphone in the world and will have the highest level of privacy and security settings. The company is estimating the device to be priced at less than $20,000. The Solarin smartphone is expected to hit the shelves in the month of May and will be sold from a new store in Mayfair, United Kingdom.

Rakishev commented that the “Solarin” was conceived out of need and not want. He said that the phone will feature top of the line military-grade technology that is light years ahead and won’t even be available for the common masses for another two to three years.

Costing a pretty $20,000, the Sirin Solarin is quite the luxury smartphone but far from being the world’s most expensive cellphone device. The question is, will you be willing to pay the price for added security and privacy? If you happened to the CEO of some Fortune 500 company who won’t prefer to compromise on even the slightest bit of security and have a lot of spare money lying around. You definitely would then.

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