Smartphone sales have hit the plateau

Best-phone-April-2016-1200-80The smartphone market has gone stagnant, the sales have hit the plateau and sinking day by day. The flagships are facing the biggest decline in sale figures over the past year. Demand for high-end devices are decelerating at a constant rate and most smartphone users have such powerful and durable devices that they don’t need to upgrade to a better and higher-end device any soon. Is the worldwide market of smartphone is slowing down to a halt?

Smartphone sales across the world during the 1st quarter of 2015 recorded 345 million units sold. This year’s quarter only saw a sale of 334.9 million units, 3 percent less than the sales from last year.

The iPhone took the biggest hit this year, the company, second largest smart phone maker in the world, Apple saw a fall of 16 percent in their sales this year’s quarter. Apple reported its first ever drop in revenue after an incredible record of 13 years. Last year in the 1st quarter Apple sold 61.2 million units. Sales of iPhones this year hit 51.2 million unit sold.smartphone1

World’s number one smartphone brand Samsung also saw a decline in device sales but in lesser amounts. Samsung alone shipped 81.9 million devices last quarter, more than Apple and Huawei sales combined. This year a drop of 4 percent with the sale of 79 million smartphones was recorded for Samsung with the Galaxy S7 flagship and J series models boosting sales.

Huawei, the world’s third largest smartphone producer and the biggest telecommunications equipment manufacturer has reported cutting down its shipment goals this year. This move taken by Huawei is a direct result of the decrease in demand of their high-end devices.

However, Huawei recorded a growth of 3 percent in sales by shipping 28.3 million smartphones worldwide. The fourth and fifth positions are also held by Chinese smartphone manufacturers Oppo and Vivo. The rise of demand in Chinese smartphones signify the fact that users want high end device specifications in a more budget friendly package. Xiaomi is losing its grip on Chinese and Global market and struggling with the pressure from Oppo and Vivo. Barely lagging behind Vivo, the company was known as China’s biggest phone manufacturer.imgpsh_fullsize

LG electronics, Sony Mobile communications and Motorola have also seen dropping sales of their high-end and flagship smart phones over the last year. Almost 2/3rd of the American population owns a smart phone for their personal use. The same can be said for the rest of the world, with about 2/3rd of its people having a smart phone in their hands, surely nobody wants to buy a smart phone anymore.

Smart phones came to existence with the release of the Blackberry device in 1996 and took the world by a storm. After a never decreasing demand for 13 years, smart phone sales have started to decrease over the years, marking the end of the era of Smart phones.


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