Flickr: Camera-phones have taken over DSLRs

DSLR Vs SmartphonesSales of digital cameras have drastically reduced by 35 percent over the last year owning to the rise in sales of smartphones by over 120 percent. More digital cameras are sitting on stores selves day by day as more people turn towards smartphone to fulfill their photography needs. Affordable smartphones with better camera are released everyday that fit into very pocket and wallet sizes, giving the consumers a taste of photography in a compact and powerful package. While they may not deliver the same quality of pictures that a DSLR can, they do offer a lot of useful and handy features that fulfill the requirements of most users who want the most of their phone’s camera.

According to a worldwide survey, it is reported that the most used feature on a smartphone by users is, you guessed it right, the camera. A whooping 92 percent said that the camera is the primary function they use and the most deciding factor when buying a new smartphone. No wonder nobody is purchasing digital cameras anymore as you can get a smartphone with an incredible camera for much less.popular-point-and-shoots_flickr

Camera-phones have become the go-to device for users all over the globe for photography. There was a time when digital cameras were the craze and every trip was incomplete without one. Nowadays everyone is skipping on the digital camera and sticking to their smartphones for everyday photography. The main reason for this is portability, digital cameras are bulkier and more prone to damage than the average smartphone. You don’t need to worry about charging another device with the addition of carrying a different charger and required accessories for your camera. The other reason is the ease of sharing your captured moments with friends and family instantly after taking the picture. A digital camera will require a much slower and tedious process to do the same.

Flickr, a popular photo sharing application showcased data which shows that the most popular cameras in their community are smartphones. The users who are mostly professional photographers or aspiring enthusiasts are shooting more pictures with camera-phones than DSLRs. The top five lists comprises of smartphones only and you won’t find a Nikon or Canon anywhere on the list.

Apple, followed by the Korean giant Samsung top the list of camera brands used by community members, holding the first and second places. Everyday 65,000 photos are uploaded to Flickr on average from Apple iPhones. They together amount for more than 1.4 billion uploads. World leaders in DSLRs, Nikon and Canon are ranked third and fourth in the top most common camera brands on Flickr. The fifth position is secured by Sony, another cellphone giant, indicating that smartphones have taken over DSLRs by securing three out five spots.

Now there are tons of different cameras out there and any expert on photography will suggest you to buy one if you want to pursue the art passionately. Even though smartphones cannot beat the quality and control of a DSLR, they are far more portable, reliable, affordable and getting better day by day with bigger and better sensors and lens apertures making them the more viable choice.

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