Samsung and LG spell double trouble for Apple

galaxy-s7-lg-g5-iphone-6s-karsilastirma-840x420With the announcement of the Apple iPhone 7 coming sometime in September this year, all eyes are set on the Cupertino stage in California. Rumors about the new iOS device have been surfacing all over the Internet since last year and spreading around like wildfire. Apple iPhone will be celebrating its 10th anniversary, next year in 2017, for which the company is planning to release the highly anticipated iPhone 8 which will be their game changing flagship device.

Apple inc confirmed that iPhone 7 will lay down the foundation for the next device and will aim at keeping the market on the company’s side and help with their drooping sale figures. The company is still keeping things under wraps and one can only guess what their next move will be, based on the rumors and speculations circulating on the web.

iphone_cad iphone-camera-module

While Apple iPhone may be the most anticipated and hype generating upcoming device that will feature cutting-edge technology, the new additions are nothing new to the world of smart phones. Leaked images and design schematics have shown a device with a bigger slot for the camera and a dual lens module. The dual lens camera module can be found on the Huawei P9 handset which comprises of two separate lenses of the same aperture but different color sensors. LG has also produced a device, the LG G5 with dual lens camera but Huawei was the company that really brought out the best from it. The dual lens setup on the Huawei P9 consists of two Leica lens which more than double the camera’s light gathering ability over that of a single camera setup.

Samsung is rumored to be developing a large 1/1.7in type sensor along with a f/1.4 lens which will be implemented in their future smart phones. As to when we will get to see these features on Samsung handsets cannot be confirmed yet. Samsung may as well be hiding in the bush and waiting for an opportune moment to strike on Apple and will up their game as soon as they learn of Apple’s strategy and moves.

LG on the other hand has been working on something to keep up with Apple’s pace and gain the favor of its customers. LG announced the under glass fingerprint sensor module that sits under the display which will be ale to identify fingerprints when the user places his finger on the cover glass of the screen lg-innotek-under-glass-sensor-1200x0display. LG’s CEO Jongseok Park announced that the under glass fingerprint sensor will result in a more water resistant device that can be made slimmer due to the removal of physical buttons, pads and other elements. The company hasn’t announced when these upcoming modules will be used in future devices. An LG spokesperson told the Korean Times that the company is currently in talks with some smart phone manufacturers to bring this technology into the hands of the consumers within this year.

This year’s smart phone sale figures have been quite the surprise to the world’s top handset manufacturers. Apple was the victim of the biggest drop in sales this year’s quarter followed by Samsung and Huawei. However Samsung is still shipping more phones than Apple and Huawei combined as the demand for the flagship Galaxy handset continue to rise. With the declining demand and sale figures, smartphone makers have started cutting back on their production and shipments to avoid financial loss.

Apple who has always been on the very top of the food chain is facing rough seas ahead. After an ever rising sales of their iPhone devices for more than 8 years, the sales have finally taken a hit. The company confirmed it’s first plummet in sales and is reportedly working on the newer devices to uplift the company’s impression and give the sales a boost. While the iPhone 7 may not be revolutionary, the same cannot be said for the upcoming Samsung and LG devices which may tip the market in their favor, dealing a devastating blow to Apple Inc.

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