Half of all teenagers are addicted to smartphones

A new survey has revealed that one in every two teenager feels addicted to their smartphone. The survey was performed by Common Sense Media, a non-profit media and technology company. Their survey also showed that the majority of parents agree that their children are spending more time on their mobile devices than anything else.


Common Sense Media interviewed about 1200 children and their parents between the ages of 12 to 18. The reports confirmed that 50 percent of those young adults are indeed addicted to their cellphones and around 66 percent of the parents are aware of their children’s addiction. Of these teenagers, 72 percent of them felt the need to immediately respond to notifications, instant messages and other social media activities. 48 percent of the parents felt the same urge to do the same.160503100631-mobiledeviceaddiction-72teens-super-169160503100607-mobiledeviceaddiction-6978parents-super-169

Smartphones are not just the thing of youngsters anymore. Even the parents are admitting that they check their phone regularly. Almost 70 percent of parents check their mobiles every hour, not quite far behind their children, with 78 percent checking their devices on an hourly basis or more often. The survey concluded that about 27 percent of the parents also acknowledged their addiction with their mobile handsets and 28 percent of teens faulted their parents for being addicted to their cellphones and using it too much.

33CC1AA500000578-3571511-image-m-32_1462295686615An alarming 56 percent of the parents admit that they look at their mobiles while driving and 51 percent of teenagers said that they noticed their parents doing this while driving. Doing such is often illegal and can result in motor accidents.

James Steyer, CEO and founder of Common Sense Media commented that smartphones are changing how families are interacting with each other in their households. He said, “What we have discovered is that kids and parents feels addicted to mobile phones and it is causing daily conflicts in homes, and that families are concerned about the consequences. We also know that problematic media use can negatively affect children’s development and that multitasking can harm learning and performance.”

As a society we all have a responsibility to take media use and addiction seriously and make sure parents have the information to help them make smart choices for their families,” Steyer said.

A significant minority of families seems to be truly struggling to integrate mobile technology in a healthy way. And many concerning behaviors and outcomes are associated with mobile use,” he added. “The poll paints a changed portrait of family life in 2016.”

He also commented that this may be all that bad as it can be an evolutionary step due to changing norms of society and technology and might be a phase that will pass just like every other.

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