New leaks claim the iPhone 7 won’t have a smart connector

If you have ever seen the iPad Pro, then surely you would have seen the infamous 3-pin port known as the Smart Connector, which allows users to connect a keyboard, transfer data to a computer or even charge the device as an alternative to the standard charging method. The California based company is about to release its next generation of smartphones, the iPhone 7, somewhere around in September this year and we have been quite assured that it will sport the Smart Connector. Last month, we even witnessed a leaked picture showcasing an Apple device with dual-lens camera and the familiar 3-pin Smart Connector port. The same Japanese blog website Mac Otakara, that started the spark that led to the wildfire of a rumor has reported that it won’t exactly be the case and we won’t get to see the Smart Connector in the upcoming iPhone 7 and Plus handsets.

The world is torn between believing and disbelieving the rumors regarding upcoming Apple devices, especially the iPhone 7. It was only last week, when we had to shrug our shoulders and accept the fact that Apple won’t be ditching the 3.5mm headphones jack in order to slim down the overall thickness of the next generation smartphone. An image depicting the Lightning port assembly cable along with the headphones jack emerged on the Web and it seems to be a possible part, leaked anonymously on a Chinese website. Now we have leaks and rumors sprouting all over the Internet suggesting that Apple may be skipping on the Smart Connector as well.

Mac Otakara, the Japanese website, who has a fairly good reputation for being right at time when it comes to rumors concerning Apple states that the company won’t be including the Smart Connector on this year’s release. It was and is still not cleared, why Apple would want a Smart Connector on their handsets since the need of an external keyboard is purely superfluous. Although other possible uses dictate the ability to connect to a personal computer or charge the device when using headphone connected to the Lightning jack. With the rumors of last week claiming that the new iPhone 7 will be equipped with a standard 3.5 mm headphones jack, we now see all the more reasons to believe the shelving of the Smart Connector on the upcoming handset.

Despite Mac Otakara reporting that the upcoming smartphone by Apple won’t be sporting the Smart Connector, it states that the previous rumor that led to the fair amount of the world believing in the inclusion of the Smart Connector, was still a “rumor” and not a claimed fact or a statement. The web is filled with rumors surrounding the upcoming flagship device by the California based technology giant who took the world by a storm, when the first iPhone was launched in the year 2007. The most widely circulated and believed rumors suggest that the iPhone 7 will have a Dual-lens camera setup, Virtual home button, stereo dual speakers and the removal of antenna bands from the back of the device.

We still have months to go before the iPhone 7 is officially released and a lot can change in the next four months. Our best bet will be to be patient, not believe everything that gets leaked and just wait and see what Apple unveils.

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