Google launches Gboard for iOS with killer features

Google launched their keyboard for iOS devices, that enables gesture swiping to input text in addition of the standard tap to type input method. The keyboard application is currently available for iOS devices only. Google’s this move has left some Android users with a frown on their face.

Gboard is the latest virtual keyboard application which incorporates Google search in the keyboard, enabling you to search and send GIFs, location, videos, links, emojis and whatever else you can run a Google search on. Since it is released for iOS devices, we can assume that Google is trying to win back the loyalty on Apple users when it comes to search engine choice irrespective of whatever application they are using on their devices.

The new keyboard application is virtually similar to the stock android keyboard. It will predict and suggest the words while you are halfway through typing it and you can also swipe your finger from letter to letter to type the word you want to. The new feature that Google has added is the little “G” button on the top left corner. Just tap on that button and you can run search in the keyboard and select the appropriate search result you want without leaving or closing the application you are in.

Google is making multitasking easier by making the process more simple, quick and straight. The Gboard is making the waves as the Tap to translate, that Google also released a day before. The aim is simple, users don’t have to switch between applications and the browser to use Google’s search or translate functions, reducing the time you would normally take to do a Google search and then copy/paste the results in the application you are using, making the whole process a lot faster and less tiring. On Gboard, just tap the G button, enter the your search query and the results will show up as cards over the keyboard. Anything and everything you want can be searched and shared by just tapping on the search result card you want. It is that simple and easy.

The functions are available on any iOS application, if you have the keyboard active, the Gboard will work in Instant messengers, email applications or any other app in which you can use the keyboard. But, there are some limitations of the Gboard. Google has left both iOS users and Android users with some unanswered questions. First of all, Gboard doesn’t support Voice Search and there is no “Ok Google” feature for iOS devices. Unlike an Android device, you cannot tap the screen and have your phone enter the text that you dictate via speech and the phone enters the text as you would prefer.

Gboard for iOS lacks another vital feature that Android users are blessed with. The one-handed typing method that was released for Android device fairly recently has been skimped on the Gboard for iOS. Customization is not its strong point either and you can’t change the size or color of the keys like other keyboard applications. If you are happy with a simple and cleverly designed keyboard with embedded search capabilities that makes multitasking quick, easy and effective, you should definitely try the Gboard.

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