Samsung files patent for projected smartwatch interface

If there is one thing we don’t like about smartwatches, it is that inputting texts on their tiny touchscreen can get very frustrating. The buttons are too small, your fingers are too thick and the accuracy can be a bit off target, leaving you fumbling and blundering. For all our texting needs and to make the whole experience of entering texts possible, smartwatch users employ their smartphone which is paired with their wearable device. Smartwatches are not truly independent and are still tied down by the invisible chains of technology to your smartphones.

All this may be a thing of the past. All the fuss related to the small displays of smartwatches and the unease of using them to their full potential can be remedied by Samsung, the South Korean technology giant, who recently filed for a patent. The company has filed a patent on May 5th, with the United States Patent and Trademark office for a smartwatch device that can project an interactive display onto the hands of the user or any other surface.

Samsung’s patent describes a wearable device that utilizes a projector, camera and processor to identify your hand’s shape and then project a keyboard on the back of your hand which will also detect which buttons are pressed. The virtual skin based User Inerface will be larger, show more data and will also support finger based gestures and movements for navigation and shortcuts.

Sketches of the patent, filed with the patent at the US Patent and Trademark Office portrays that the device can project the User Interface on your hand, on a wall, table/desk or any flat surface the wearer is near to. Users can enter phone numbers by tapping the projected virtual keypad, input alphabets by the QWERTY keyboard or by handwriting, you can even draw letters and other gesture on the back of your hand. The device will also be able to project a zoomed in view of maps, gallery images and videos for a better viewing experience.

The projected virtual on-skin keyboard will also work with applications, browsers and games that you have on your smartwatch. With the enlarged display, using these applications, scrolling through websites and navigating your way though the maps will be a breeze as compared to the small smartwatch display.

Samsung has plans for the technology to be used in not just smartwatches but other devices too, like the VR headsets. For instance, you can have a projected touchscreen and a camera on the Virtual Reality headset will detect when your hand or fingers touch the buttons or controls projected inside the headset.

Like any other patent, there is no assurance that the final product will be one day delivered to the consumers. Most of these filed patents never see the light of the day and it can never be guaranteed that the devices will one day exist in the real world. It is nevertheless, great to see the big names in the industry taking strides towards developing some new and interesting useful technology.

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