Twitter’s new Night Mode is on testing and it’s stunning

Looks like Twitter is now apparently working on a “Night Mode” for its application on Android smartphones and tablets. Some applications are a lot brighter than other ones even with the screen brightness turned all the way down. Twitter like many other, uses a white themed background which makes it notoriously troublesome to use during the night hours. The company is currently testing the Night Mode in the latest alpha version of its Android application.

Night mode is a feature that made its debut with e-reader devices and e-reader applications. The idea is that at night, when the lights are dim, a darker background will be more soothing to the eyes than a dazzling bright white screen. Even Apple has introduced Night Shift for iOS where the colors of the phone’s screen are diminished to give out a softer light and painless viewing experience.

The new Night Mode of Twitter was first spotted by a Huawei employee, Taylor Wimberly in the application’s latest alpha release. It appears to be one of the numerous tests for the application’s design and functionality, which are mostly available only to testers and developers, instead of the end users.

Twitter’s Night Mode basically swaps the white background with a dark blue/gray colored background all throughout the application for users who are on the latest alpha version of Twitter. The text is white with some neon blue highlights used on the buttons and other places. These simple changes make Twitter a lot easier to read at night in contrast to the black text on white background.

So far it seems that the Night Mode feature is automatic and it changes according to the time of the day. Users cannot change the application between the day and night modes as they wish. Taylor Wimberly commented in a post on Twitter, “Does the new Twitter Alpha have a night mode? I can’t figure how to turn it off.” The application automatically goes back to its default mode in the morning.

According to reports, Twitter has released the new feature to only a select few users, in order to get feedback from not all, but some of its testers. The company is usually very discreet when it comes to Alpha/Beta testing before officially releasing any new versions of Twitter to everyone. And since they have made it available to only a few users, it may be in early stages of development. There are chances that it may never be released. Companies like Facebook and Twitter are always testing out new features and many of them are never seen again.

If Twitter is thinking about releasing this new Night Mode feature, they should. A lot of mobile applications nowadays have some kind of “dark mode” or “night mode” that switches the default or current theme with a more dark one with dim lighting scheme that is easy on the eyes when open the application. Up till now, Twitter never had a Night Mode like feature, something that will make it even more pleasurable to use at night. This is not a feature the end users want, it is the feature the people need. For now, you can try out the Night Mode feature on Twitter by signing up for the Alpha testing.

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