MediaTek Pump Express 3.0 Charges your Phone to 70% in 20 Minutes

mtpeOver the last decades, we have witnessed the rise of smartphones and the demand for more of everything smartphone related, more performance, more storage and more battery. With more powerful and bigger devices being released by the manufacturers every year, the consumers have a lot on their plate when it comes to sheer performance or display size. But one thing that all smartphone users crib about is the battery life of their devices. Even with fairly large batteries, these devices have yet to deliver the battery life of dreams, battery life for days.

The current solution, yet an expedient one is better battery technology like fast charging. Qualcomm launched its Quick Charge Technology last year, Oppo is known for its Super VOOC charging technology for some time now and even ASUS has its own fast charging technology called the BoostMaster.mediatek-pump-express

MediaTek has been upping its game in the fast charging technology. The company recently unveiled the Pump Express 3.0, its latest fast charging feature that will be found on select devices based on MediaTek chipsets, which will allow a much shorter battery recharging time. This new technology is the first from MediaTek using the USB Type-C power delivery instead of the VBUS technology.

The company says that Pump Express 3.0 is capable of charging a smartphone battery from 0 percent to 70 percent in 20 minutes, though they did not mention how big of a battery are they referring to. In addition to this, the company has also mentioned that you can get up to an hour of talk time if you charge your smartphone for just five minutes using Pump Express 3.0.gsmarena_001

The engineering challenge in the smartphone world today is satisfying consumer demand for powerful, rich multimedia features without needing to plug in their phones all day long. Our technology lets consumers power up quickly to stay connected, on the go and using their favorite applications whether for work or play instead of tethered to an outlet,” said Jeffrey Ju, Executive Vice President and Co-Chief Operating Officer at MediaTek.

MediaTek does seem to have an advantage. Pump Express 3.0 features what the chip maker call “Direct Charging”, which basically means it routes power directly to the battery and bypasses any integrated circuit that usually manages charging. This has two effects. The first is that Pump Express 3.0 is able to deliver more than 5 amperes directly to the battery and thus speeding up the charging process. The second, and equally important benefit is that charging won’t heat up the IC, which is often the cause of phones overheating while charging.MediaTek-Pump-Express-3.0

Pump Express is actually the world’s first solution which enables direct charge through Type-C USB power delivery, says MediaTek. The company actually uses their own SoC tech in combination with 20 safety mechanisms to minimize the device from heating and protect it from power surges. This technology will be available in the Helio P20 series of SoCs, which means we’ll start seeing it by the end of this year, says MediaTek.

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