Samsung may stop producing flat-screen Galaxy S devices

Korean IT giant Samsung may cease productions of flat-screened Galaxy S devices and instead manufacture all Galaxy S smartphones with the Edge screen technology that uses a curved touchscreen display. Samsung’s curved “edge” display has certainly given a new lease of life to the company’s Galaxy S series of flagships. Not only does it produce a unique and sleek looking design, but Samsung has also managed to create a selection of useful software features that make the most of the hardware. Now the company is hinting that it may ditch the regular flat-screen variants for its flagship smartphones in the future.

Koh Dong-Jin, the head of Samsung mobile expressed that, “the company has considered making the Edge display as an identity of the Galaxy S series, if they can provide differentiated user experience to the consumers via the software and its user-friendly functions.”

It is also reported that the sales of the Galaxy S7 Edge variant were higher than the regular S7 variant. This was reported according to the sales reports released in February. So it is highly possible that Samsung will ditch the flat screen displays with the next Galaxy S series of smartphones.

Although this might not happen in time for the Galaxy S8 next year, the current theory is that the Galaxy Note 7 is acting a gauge to see how well consumers react to only having the single display option to pick from. This may then influence the company’s decision to issue a single curved S flagship, although Koh Dong-Jin’s statement is far from any actual confirmation that the flat-screen display model will be eliminated by Samsung in the near future.

Koh Dong-Jin also commented that Samsung won’t be rushing the release of Project Valley, the heavily rumored foldable smartphone that made waves over the Internet when rumors and leaks broke through the surface. He also pointed out about how he expects the release of bendable smartphones devices is going to have a “ripple effect in the industry.” He said, “We need more time to provide meaningful innovations and convenience considering the current status of technology. We need serious changes in software and user experience to build foldable smartphones and this will certainly take time.”

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