Netflix launched its “Fast” Internet speed test application for iOS and Android

If you remember, Netflix launched an Internet speed testing tool back in the month of May, giving users the ability to test their Internet connection speed for an effective and smooth streaming experience. Now the same service is available to mobile users who are running Android or iOS platform on their smartphones. Similar to the web-based speed test service, the iOS and Android applications are quite simple in nature and aim at a single task. There are no servers to select, just open the application and it will instantly start testing the speed of your connection to the Netflix servers.

Even the mid-range smartphones of today come brandishing 1080p HD displays, have a stable and fast connection which is more or less a necessity, and getting an estimate of the speed is the first step in figuring out whether the device can stream high-quality videos smoothly. While there are many options available to check the speed of your Internet connection, the Fast Speed Test specifically caters to those who have issues with high-definition Netflix video streaming. This is because, unlike similar speed-testing tools, Fast only measures the speed of the connection to the same servers that Netflix uses to stream video to its users.

Netflix explained that the application is targeted at consumers who want to get accurate results by a simple to use interface. The company said, “the idea behind is to provide a quick and simple way for any internet user to test their current Internet speed, whether they are a Netflix member or not.”

On top of that Fast can help Netflix figure out which Internet service providers are lacking in the bandwidth provided to users or worse, are throttling the users’ connction. Additionally, Fast is more accurate than other popular speed test services as providers are aware of the speed testing website and can ensure that their network performs strongest during tests. In turn, users often get results from Internet speed test services that are higher than the actual speeds they get when they normally browse the web and stream videos online.

The application is outlaid in the most simplistic and minimalist manner. There’s a logo on the top section, the results are displayed in the center and a refresh/pause button on the right. The application is multilingual and you can even compare the results on, all this makes up for a clutter-free layout for quick and efficient performance.

Netflix’s “Fast” application is already available on the App Store for iOS and Google Play Store and as expected, they are free of cost. It requires at Android 4.0 and iOS 7 or newer versions to run and doesn’t need any membership to use.

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